EXHIBITIONS / It's like killing two birds with two stones: Sanja Pahoki, Kiron Robinson, Simon Zoric

02.06.2012 to 30.06.2012

To kill two birds with one stone, understood to mean an efficient act of getting more work done with less resources, is counter intuitive to this exhibition. The works here create more work for the artist, things that appear obvious or easy, simple or lazy are layered, difficult or subversive. Coming from a background in photography, each artist uses drawing – that isn’t drawing – to produce works that address how culture is valued, transmitted and rejected.


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View review by Dan Rule, The Age, 16.06.2012 here.

It's like killing two birds with two stones [Installation view] 2012 by Installation view

It's like killing two birds with two stones [Installation view]  2012

Installation view

I Ham 2012 by Kiron Robinson

I Ham  2012

Kiron Robinson


approx. 150 x 40 cm

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Okay Guy 2012 by Simon Zoric

Okay Guy  2012

Simon Zoric

inkjet print

97 x 70 cm framed

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LOL 2012 by Sanja Pahoki

LOL  2012

Sanja Pahoki


45 x 48 cm

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The Alterations 2012 by Installation view

The Alterations  2012

Installation view

adhesive vinyl

60 x 470 cm overall